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Marketing Materials

The creation of dedicated and important tools for your business must be left in the hands of professional designers! Experienced through the complete process ensures that every piece created for your business will be of the same caliber of marketing materials used by large corporations, including:

  • brochures
  • business cards
  • direct mail
  • identity packages

Worried about cost?

Don’t, you will pay only a fraction of the price large corporations spend on their designs.

Magazines & Books

As publisher of Radiant Life Magazine our staff is fully educated in layout to print. We guide you through the entire project and process with your budget in mind. TaylorMade prides itself sticking to your brand and the current trends in the industry. All in-house printing guarantees quality color control, tight registration and quick turn around time. Learn more about our sister company Radiant Life Magazine at

Once you decide to have a book printed and bound you need to determine which book binding technique would be best. This will depend on the type of book and your budget. For example, some types of books need a binding that will allow them to lay flat. Paperbacks also tend to be less expensive than hardcover though they are not as sturdy. Please refer to our Book Bindings to make the best selection.

Sample Work

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Book Bindings:

Self Cover

One of the least expensive options for book binding. This means that the cover is made of the same type of paper as the pages that are inside. This is usually best for things like pamphlets, and typically isn’t used for larger books.

Spiral Binding

Works well for books that you want to be able to lay flat, such as cookbooks. Some types include comb binding, plastic spiral, and wire. These also tend to be relatively inexpensive binding techniques.

Perfect Binding

Popular option for paperback books. This is also known as adhesive binding. This involves adhesive or glue being applied to the cover of the book and the book block of pages is set into the adhesive. The edges on the other three sides are then trimmed to be the same. This is a popular method.

Chicago Screw Binding

Commonly used for things like technical manuals, portfolios, construction manuals. Screw posts with caps are threaded through punched holes to hold the book together. This is a good method for books that get a lot of use and need to take a beating.

Case Binding

For hardcover books, this is one of the more popular book binding methods. The signatures are sewn together, and then the end pages and cloth are added to the spine. Finally, the hard cover is added. This is a good option for books that are used a lot, such as text books and dictionaries.