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Welcome to TaylorMade Printing Services, a cornerstone of Wheeling and the Ohio Valley at the forefront of the printing industry for over 52 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in seamlessly blending tradition, innovation, and a strong work ethic with personalized service to deliver a print experience that embodies excellence to help your business or personal project thrive.

Our Legacy
Founded in 1972, TaylorMade Printing Services has stood the test of time as a symbol of tradition, family values, and a deep commitment to our local community. For over five decades (half a century!), we have been the preferred print solution, combining the richness of tradition with cutting-edge technologies, all underpinned by a great work ethic.

TaylorMade Printing, a printing company with 50 years of history, has left an indelible mark on the Ohio Valley. From its humble beginnings, this family-owned business has grown into one of the most respected printing companies in the region. Let’s delve into their remarkable journey:

  1. Founding and Growth:
    • In 1972, TaylorMade Printing sprouted when Jim Taylor, the former company president, collaborated with Chuck Fortney, who ran a small print shop out of his home.
    • Their partnership led to the establishment of Copies Incorporated, initially located at 1618 Jacob Street.
    • Armed with an SBA loan of $25,000, they embarked on their printing venture, fueled by hard work and determination.
    • Despite early worries about loan repayment, their loyal customers stood by them.
    • The company’s ethos was simple: honest pricing and top-rate service.
    • Over time, the business evolved, and the name changed to TaylorMade to reflect its full-service capabilities.
  2. Equipment and Adaptation:
    • The Taylors invested in various printing equipment, including a two-color Komori Press, a two-color Ryobi, a Davidson Web Press, and a two-color Multilith Press.
    • They also embraced Image Setting equipment for complex jobs.
    • As technology advanced, TaylorMade shifted toward digital printing, using the Canon ImagePress C8000VP.
    • Their commitment extended to being a ‘Union’ shop, offering political printing and mailing services.
  3. Passing the Torch:
    • After six years of partnership, Chuck Fortney moved to Florida, leaving the business in the capable hands of the Taylor family.
    • Jim, Debbie, and their son Scott continued the legacy.
    • Now, as Debbie Taylor retires, she passes the torch to her son Scott.
    • Reflecting on the past 50 years, Debbie expresses gratitude to all their customers and looks forward to TaylorMade’s next chapter.

Print Media Expertise
Our expertise spans a diverse range of print media services, from signs and banners to brochures, business cards, logos, illustrations, catalogs, flyers, and magazines. TaylorMade Printing Services is not just a printer; we are architects of visual communication, ensuring each piece reflects the unique spirit of our community.

The TaylorMade Difference
At TaylorMade Printing Services, we are more than printers; we are invested community members committed to your success. Scott Taylor, the owner, brings a hands-on approach to every project, personally ensuring quality assurance from start to finish, driven by a great work ethic.

Why choose us?

Local Expertise

Rooted in the local community, we bring a nuanced understanding of our clients’ needs.

Innovation and Excellence

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures your projects meet the highest standards.

Family-Run Values

As a family-operated business, we value tradition, integrity, and personalized service.

Hands-On Approach

With Scott Taylor’s personal commitment, every project undergoes meticulous quality assurance.

Work Ethic

We pride ourselves on a great work ethic, ensuring every project is delivered with dedication and precision.

Community Integration

We don’t just serve the community; we are an active participant, contributing to its growth and success.

Partner with TaylorMade Printing Services for Success
At TaylorMade Printing Services, we understand that your success is our success. By choosing us as your partner, you are ensuring that your desired outcomes will be met with expertise, dedication, and a personalized touch. Our full range of services, from design to distribution, coupled with dependable customer support and transparent communication, means we work not only for you but alongside you. Contact us today and experience the TaylorMade difference – where local values meet global excellence, and success is a shared journey.

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About the owner, Scott Taylor & history of TaylorMade

The Next Chapter: A Tale of Dedication and Quality at TaylorMade Printing Services

Nestled in the heart of Wheeling, West Virginia, TaylorMade Printing Services is in the midst of a generational shift. After over five decades of dedicated service, founders Jim and Debbie Taylor are bidding farewell to their cherished print shop, entrusting the reins to their son, Scott Taylor, who has been at the helm since 2022. Alongside him is Penni, the office manager, who shares his commitment to the community and has been an active part of TaylorMade Printing’s journey.

Scott and Penni, deeply rooted in the Wheeling and greater Ohio Valley community, have been active contributors to local businesses and individuals alike. They are known for their willingness to lend a helping hand, whether it’s supporting local businesses to thrive or assisting individuals in cherishing special moments. Their dedication extends beyond the walls of TaylorMade Printing, reflecting their genuine care for the community they call home.

“We’ve loved every minute of serving the Ohio Valley and beyond,” said company president Debbie Taylor, reflecting on 50 years of unwavering commitment. “It’s truly been a labor of love serving all our friends. As I look back on the last 50 years, I’m amazed at the changes in services and technologies we offer and am proud of what we’ve set up for TaylorMade’s next 50 years.”

The story of TaylorMade Printing Services began in 1972 when Jim and Debbie Taylor transformed their passion for printing into a thriving family business. Over the years, the print shop has become a cornerstone of the community, offering a wide array of services ranging from traditional printing to cutting-edge design and digital solutions.

Scott Taylor, the next in line to lead this printing legacy, has been an integral part of TaylorMade Printing for over 30 years. His journey within the family business mirrors the growth of the print shop itself, starting from humble beginnings of making deliveries to mastering the intricacies of the trade. Scott’s hands-on experience, from operating equipment to managing printing presses, has been pivotal to the success of TaylorMade Printing.

Beyond being a family enterprise, TaylorMade Printing embodies the values and expertise passed down through generations. As Scott assumes leadership, he brings with him a deep passion for the industry and a commitment to maintaining the high standards set by his parents.

This transition marks not just a change in ownership, but the continuation of a legacy. While Jim and Debbie may be stepping back, their dedication to the community and the values instilled in TaylorMade Printing will endure. With Scott and Penni Taylor, the office manager, at the helm, customers can expect the same dedicated service they’ve come to rely on.

To our loyal customers, rest assured that TaylorMade Printing Services remains committed to excellence under Scott’s leadership. “I remember those early years were frustrating, but exciting,” recalled Jim Taylor. “I knew from the beginning if we offered honest pricing and top-rate service we’d have a good chance of success. And that’s still our credo.”

As one chapter ends, another begins, with TaylorMade Printing poised to continue its legacy of quality and service for years to come. “The printing industry is geared more toward digital printing rather than offset printing,” mentioned Debbie Taylor. “Printing files are transmitted electronically and printed on our Canon ImagePress C8000VP. We are also a ‘Union’ shop offering political printing and mailing services.”

The story continues, with new pages waiting to be printed in the rich history of this beloved shop. With over 300 accounts served, TaylorMade Printing is ready to embark on this next chapter. Whether you’re an individual looking to commemorate a special event, a small business seeking to make a big impact, or a politician aiming to engage voters with a compelling campaign, TaylorMade Printing is here to bring your vision to life. Join us as we write the future of printing together.

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