Interactive Publication

TaylorMade offers a complete set of solutions to address the unique needs of marketers and professionals seeking to achieve a wide range of digital publishing, marketing, merchandising or selling goals.

Each interactive pub works seamlessly with any website and meets the unique requirements of social channels, mobile devices and tablets.

Plus, in addition to offering rich analytics capabilities, each product also integrates with major web analytics solutions.

Content Management

Convert PDFs and source files to digital publications; brand and customize screens; and incorporate articles, images, forms, videos, Flash, RSS feeds, create an app for Facebook, Twitter feeds and more.

Cross-Channel Integration

Create your digital publication once and deliver it on both tablets, web and any other device with an internet browser.


Gain unparalleled insight into customer behavior down to the city they are in, time spent on each page, and even which page they spent the longest on.

A Digital Publication is…

Cloud-based platform that converts PDFs or other digital content into HTML5 rich media publications. They are delivered across all digital touchpoints via a secure hosted solution. So, our state-of the-art platform is a lot more than a one-size-fits-all, page-flipping PDF.

Social Media Solution

Has the ability to create digital catalogs, interactive magazines and other online publications that are redefining the online experience across web, tablet, mobile, and social channels.
| Facebook Example |

Design with Your Brand in Mind

It’s now easy to create a high quality digital publication that grabs your customers’ interest and guides them through a rich, immerse brand experience through video, embedded links and interactive elements. Every creation is designed with you in mind.

Benefits of Having Your Own

  • COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE to ensure a consistent experience that complements and enhances your bran
  • AN ENGAGING EXPERIENCE that brings your story to life with all types of static and rich media—including links, articles, flip books, images, forms, audio, video, RSS and Twitter feeds, and more.
  • MULTI-CHANNEL INTEGRATION lets you create your digital edition once and deliver it across tablet, mobile, social and web touchpoints (and if you’re looking for a standalone or embedded iPad app, we can do that, too!)
  • BUILT-IN SOCIAL NETWORK SHARING makes it easy for your customers to spread the word.
  • POWERFUL ANALYTICS ENGINE gives you actionable insights into catalog design and product presentation, conversion rates, engagement, and more—right down to the page or product level

Click here or magazine screenshot to view an an interactive digital publication from Radiant Life Magazine.